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We have the most authentic, knowledgeable staff, the most cutting edge training methods and a clean physical facility. You won’t find a friendlier, qualified or more highly trained fitness training team anywhere.

  • Joining KoKo is the best thing I've done for myself in years! ??

    Linda Fitzpatrick Avatar
    Linda Fitzpatrick

    I just absolutely LOVE Koko. I always feel welcome with a big HI KIM!!!! This was a birthday gift to myself and it's one of the best things I've ever done. Everyone is just amazing, even after 12 hours at work I look forward to the fun workout and classes they have. My energy level continues to rise, my weight continues to go down and my attitude keeps getting better. I can't say enough great things about t Koko and especially EVERYONE that is there. Thank you for reviving my strengths and wants.

    Kim Stroschine Avatar
    Kim Stroschine

    MÁror Ramy Avatar
    MÁror Ramy

    I love the program! I have not only lost lbs. and inches but was able to gain strength which at my age is very important. The staff is knowledgeable and warm and welcoming. They are never too busy to stop and give tips and instruction when something is being done incorrectly. Class size is small and so much fun! I highly recommend this program!

    Judy Rand Avatar
    Judy Rand
  • This club has a unique concept that keeps you motivated and gets results... FAST. Effective, efficient, customized. Great, consistent support from all the staff members. This is a nutrition and fitness program you will stick with.

    Alicia Redfern Avatar
    Alicia Redfern

    When I walked in six weeks ago wasn’t sure if I could achieve my goals .Koko has awesome staff who gives you personal attention and are very caring and very motivating !They helped me achieve my strength and endurance goal along with excellent nutrition plan.If you are serious about your health this is the place !

    Shilpa Desai Avatar
    Shilpa Desai

    Thoroughly enjoying my 21 day challenge! Absolutely love the one on one attention!

    Allison Kanter Becker Avatar
    Allison Kanter Becker

    Dolores Mancinelli Avatar
    Dolores Mancinelli
  • Ronell Green Avatar
    Ronell Green

    I keep increasing my strength because the program knows when I will benefit from more weights. It is such an organized and efficient program. I love working out now. The people that work there are friendly and helpful!

    Katherine Nuyens Avatar
    Katherine Nuyens

    In my first 28 days I lost 7 inches and 8 pounds of unwanted fat. It was a simple process which appeals to me, as I am on the go most days! I now have the knowledge thru Balanced Habits when/how to feed myself for my lifestyle! I fully recommend the program for anyone from weight loss to performance goals!

    Karen Keegan Avatar
    Karen Keegan

    KoKo is an inviting and gym. Everyone is welcoming and it feels like a family atmosphere. The classes are challenging and are modified to meet the needs of each participant. The machines use a flash drive to tailor works to your strengths and weaknesses. I can’t say enough about the trainers. They are always ready to help and motivate you to get your best workout! I’ve enjoyed the 6 week challenge and feel great!

    Catherine Devone Avatar
    Catherine Devone
  • I love Koko Fit. Knowing what your work out is each time you go in is a time saver for me. Being able to see my progress on my own personal webpage keeps me motivated. ...but what really keeps me motivated is Karen and Joe. They take time to get to their members and offer support and motivation. Just could not imagine belong to another fitness center.y

    Sandra Dill Avatar
    Sandra Dill

    I've tried a number of different exercise programs/gyms. This is the best by far. Completely customized for the individuals' needs and capabilities, computer and trainers work together to put you into the program that's best for you. In just under four months I've seen an overall strength gain of 98%. Members have access to the gym via key card 24/7 so it will work on any schedule. Definitely work a visit!!

    Maria Delgado-Pontani Avatar
    Maria Delgado-Pontani

    Karen Keegan Avatar
    Karen Keegan

    Kristie Gerstle-Stuart Avatar
    Kristie Gerstle-Stuart
  • Cassida Walker Avatar
    Cassida Walker

    Jay McCoog Avatar
    Jay McCoog

    Wendy Angove Avatar
    Wendy Angove

    Koko Fit Club came to me at a time where I felt unhealthy and out of shape. I knew at my age I would not thrive in a conventional gym atmosphere and I was really at a loss at what to do. Then, they and a challenge kept coming across my facebook feed and I thought jump in girlfriend, you have nothing to lose! I had no idea what an amazing fit this would be for me. The challenge was awesome and started me on a road that I have not looked back since. It was everything I wanted, nutrition, accountability, support , encouragement and push all packaged into this beautiful, comfortable gym with a more than amazing staff. And, the second day I came in, they knew my name. That's huge. I was a person to them and not a swipe key or a number. I have come so far and will continue to make great strides there. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. You guys are the best!

    Nancy Martin Avatar
    Nancy Martin
  • Tiffani McCracken Avatar
    Tiffani McCracken

    Best new approach to any gym you'll find. You;ll be working out in a smart way that is based on fact and health science then guess work. I love the regimented of being shown what to do. Effective workouts and results are what Koko is about.

    Derek Van Beber Avatar
    Derek Van Beber

    Lara Barrett Avatar
    Lara Barrett

    Amy Subler Utke Avatar
    Amy Subler Utke
  • I am on the 6 week challenge. I love how the staff is so positive and help keep you motivated. Everything is made easy from the meal plans and machines. I love how their is always someone available to answer questions. Best gym I have ever been too.

    Lisa Caberto-Applegate Avatar
    Lisa Caberto-Applegate

    This is a friendly workout place where all fibers of your body get the correct amount of exercise within 30 to 45 minutes.You do not experience any after workout pains or aches the next day. The only place where I saw the results that I want without breaking my valet. Any one who wants results should try Koko.

    Rachel Mathew Avatar
    Rachel Mathew

    Kathy Spence Avatar
    Kathy Spence

    Ryan Colón Avatar
    Ryan Colón
  • Joe Keegan Avatar
    Joe Keegan

    Not your typical gym ...... it's better!!! What a great find! God has blessed me greatly to allow this opportunity to come before me. I finally feel like I'm going to hit my goals!

    Jennifer Ward Avatar
    Jennifer Ward

    Ashley Fiume Avatar
    Ashley Fiume

    Linda Blake Betz Avatar
    Linda Blake Betz
  • Finally found a workout that I actually look forward to! Love the personal, but not overbearing attention I receive, the helpful hints and tips, too. Workouts are quick, but efficient. I am a Koko nut, you should be, too!

    Jennifer Lachnicht Miller Avatar
    Jennifer Lachnicht Miller

    Karen Korkuch Avatar
    Karen Korkuch

    So glad I took the six week “challenge”. It offered the perfect balance of nutrition, strength training and cardio. So many improvements in a short amount of time. Thank you for the support of the coaches, you each are amazing!

    Nancy Chichester Szwajkowski Avatar
    Nancy Chichester Szwajkowski

    Kathy Spence Avatar
    Kathy Spence
  • KoKo FitClub is family owned and I think that makes a customer service difference. It's got the personal interaction you don't find at big gyms.The facility is super clean and the program is easy to follow. It's tailor made to you and your entire workout is on a flash-drive include the weights recommended for you. Love this gym and highly recommend it for all fitness levels.

    Adele Kayser Avatar
    Adele Kayser

    I just finished my 6 week challenge. It taught me a lot about myself. It change my way of thinking about what I eat and when I eat. The staff is very supportive. If you're like me and do not like going to a big gym, this is the place to go. I am continuing my journey here because it feels like home, no judgment and constant support. Love you all for having my back through this journey.

    Kathleen Griffin Avatar
    Kathleen Griffin

    I signed up for the six week challange and became a member. Koko's approach to diet and exercise was just what I needed to get on track to a healthier life style. Everyones super encouraging and always on hand for questions. Joining Koko is definitely one of the best decisions I could have made for myself!

    Anonka Resenly Avatar
    Anonka Resenly

    Amanda Mathews Avatar
    Amanda Mathews

personalized training for the price of a gym membership… SAY WHAT?!