Love this gym! Their personalized protocol makes it easy to remain present during each rep, paying attention to form rather than rushing through repetitions. I have been a member for years and highly recommend it!

Kathryn F. Avatar
Kathryn F.

I have been a member for almost 8 years . I have NEVER stayed with a gym longer than a year. The owners, Karen and Joe Keegan, and the staff- Kristie, Jake, and Sam-are GREAT! They truely want you to succeed and accomplish your fitness goals. The members are like family . I love it and highly recommend you give it a visit.

Wendy A. Avatar
Wendy A.

Ended up seeing results after about 4-6 weeks. Trainers are great people!!!

My husband is on Dialysis and had been going here for about a year now. Major difference. He’s rebuild a lot of arm and leg strength which also helps with his mental health 😷💪👍🏼

Sherry M. Avatar
Sherry M.

Great 👍

L O. Avatar
L O.

I have been a member for 9 years. It’s more than a gym, we are a family! The staff is knowledgeable, helpful and very supportive. Members are friendly and welcoming!

Wendy A. Avatar
Wendy A.

Thoroughly enjoying my 21 day challenge! Absolutely love the one on one attention!

Allison K. Avatar
Allison K.

Best workout, best members, best staff of ANY gym I've ever gone to...

from Elaine Powers to Living Well Lady to Curves to Bally's to LA Fitness to Virtua to Echelon...

Lu F. Avatar
Lu F.

I really do like the gym and the programs that have there. I love walking into the gym and actually going to know the people and talking with them. Koko is great and I do like the gym.

Kay Avatar

I’m finishing up my first 6-week challenge and it has been great. The staff is very friendly and supportive and know you from day 1. The classes are fun and move fast. Very interesting and easy-to-use strength and cardio workouts that keep track of your progress. The nutrition plan takes some getting used to but definitely works if you stick with it - a balanced combo of protein, carbs and fats each meal. I feel stronger and more fit.

If motivation is an issue for you to eat right and work out like it is for me, KoKo and its staff provides it with a smile.

Steve S. Avatar
Steve S.

The staff at Koko is so supportive. They know you from day one are are knowledgable and ready to help you with your fitness journey

Stacy K. Avatar
Stacy K.

Very qualified staff who walk you through every step. It is physical fitness combined with good nutrition, equaling total stewardship of self!

David J. Avatar
David J.

I love the program! I have not only lost lbs. and inches but was able to gain strength which at my age is very important. The staff is knowledgeable and warm and welcoming. They are never too busy to stop and give tips and instruction when something is being done incorrectly. Class size is small and so much fun! I highly recommend this program!

Judy R. Avatar
Judy R.

I join Koko 6 weeks ago and I couldn’t be more happier. The staff is awesome always willing to help you!! When you come to work out it feels like home. It’s a small gym which I love as everyone knows everyone and every one talk to every one. I tell everyone about Koko.

Brianna S. Avatar
Brianna S.

I just absolutely LOVE Koko. I always feel welcome with a big HI KIM!!!! This was a birthday gift to myself and it's one of the best things I've ever done. Everyone is just amazing, even after 12 hours at work I look forward to the fun workout and classes they have. My energy level continues to rise, my weight continues to go down and my attitude keeps getting better. I can't say enough great things about t Koko and especially EVERYONE that is there. Thank you for reviving my strengths and wants.

Kim S. Avatar
Kim S.

I have gained real results at this gym. Stronger and my endurance has improved 💯% !!!

Maria J. Avatar
Maria J.

The staff is super helpful!

Sandra E. Avatar
Sandra E.

I've been a member of Koko FitClub in Cherry Hill since October 2017. I've belonged to other gyms in the past, but never stuck with them. Koko is so much more than a gym. The personal trainers are knowledgeable and show so much passion for what they do. Koko has become a daily part of my life. I love everything about it. The classes change every week, targeting different muscle groups. It's challenging and never boring!

Deb K. Avatar
Deb K.

A gym where they truly encourage your fitness and don’t pester you. They know you’re there to work on yourself and applaud you for it, genuinely. A lil community ❤️

Ramona P. Avatar
Ramona P.

I can only say good things about this gym. The staff is very understanding, the classes are fun. The challenges really get you started in your journey to weight loss, toning or whatever you need. In my case weight loss. 20 pounds down in about 8 months. I went there when I was ashamed of going to any other gym, and when I tried to quit because “it was too hard” to change my habits, to workout, to even show up... the trainers were there for me and saw me cry and took me to a private area, gave me a hug and told me that I could do it. And I’m still here doing it. I still have 20 more to lose. But the difference is that now I believe I can do it. This is by far the best gym you’ll ever go.

Edith l. Avatar
Edith l.

The knowledge and education of how to work out and eat for fuel is invaluable. Lost over 20 lbs and over 4% body fat, in my 6 week challenge.,digestion is better and sleep is better. Challenging classes and workouts are always there by motivating staff. I am continuing on with koko , hoping to hit another goal.

Joe K. Avatar
Joe K.

The staff has been very encouraging and inspiring especially in the early days when I struggled through cardio classes. The studio is always kept immaculate .

I really like the classes and both the cardio workouts on treadmill and elliptical give many options and prevent boredom from setting in.

The Koko Smart trainer is also a great way to get a good workout completed in 30 minutes.

The staff make a point of remembering names and that goes a long way to making it feel comfortable and not intimidating.

The program also encourages healthy eating habits

Judy B. Avatar
Judy B.

week 2 of the 6 week workout Challenge and I have to admit that it's getting easier to continue to come back. lol

I really like the layout and the staff who knows my name! They are so friendly and personable.

this is much better than a hugh gym where the staff only talks to each other

Regina F. Avatar
Regina F.

The best fitness center around. You achieve outcomes

Cheryl R. Avatar
Cheryl R.

If you need a challenge to help drive your gym game like I do, Koko has a great challenge program that creates accountability and support over six weeks. The Koko team and coaches are fantastic!

K R. Avatar
K R.

My first 6 week challenge with KoKo has been a great experience! I love the classes and all the trainers involved. The smart training technology throughout the gym is great to learn and grow with for strength and cardio workouts. The nutrition meal plans provided are super easy to follow and many of the recipes are very yummy for the whole family to enjoy! (Personal favorite is the Lemony zucchini muffins ?) excited/nervous for my weighout tomorrow to see how I ended up doing in the challenge as a whole!

Brianna O. Avatar
Brianna O.

I started Koko FitClub a little under 6 weeks ago and I have seen amazing results. I actually feel motivated to go to the gym again. All the coaches there (Nicole, Kristie, Jake, Shannon, and Karen) are like family. I recommend Koko to anyone who is in a rut with working out or tired of going to the gym with no guidance of what you should work on or how to use a machine. I ❤️ this place. Started as a 6 week challenge and now I’m a member.

Reisa E. Avatar
Reisa E.

The cardio and strength training are awesome. The trainers are terrific also!

Christine M. Avatar
Christine M.

I just finished up a six week balanced habits Kick Start program at Koko and the results (both mentally and physically) were incredible. I not only lost 26 pounds and 6% body fat, but I learned how to eat smart, which combined with a fabulous strength and cardio program has changed my life! Karen and Joe, the owners at Koko Cherry Hill are simply great people who care about everyone that walks into their gym.

Jeff B. Avatar
Jeff B.

I just finished up a six week balanced habits Kick Start program at Koko and the results (both mentally and physically) were incredible. I not only lost 26 pounds and 6% body fat, but I learned how to eat smart, which combined with a fabulous strength and cardio program has changed my life! Karen and Joe, the owners at Koko Cherry Hill are simply great people who care about everyone that walks into their gym.

Jeff B. Avatar
Jeff B.

Just finished the 6 week challenge and was able to meet AND exceed my goal! The support is amazing, the classes are fun but my favorite part is that everything is completely customized to your own body - workouts and nutrition included! Never have I had this much success in such a short period of time and I would highly recommend Koko!

Lauren S. Avatar
Lauren S.

I just finished my 6 week challenge. It taught me a lot about myself. It change my way of thinking about what I eat and when I eat. The staff is very supportive. If you're like me and do not like going to a big gym, this is the place to go. I am continuing my journey here because it feels like home, no judgment and constant support. Love you all for having my back through this journey.

Kathleen G. Avatar
Kathleen G.

I signed up for the six week challange and became a member. Koko's approach to diet and exercise was just what I needed to get on track to a healthier life style. Everyones super encouraging and always on hand for questions. Joining Koko is definitely one of the best decisions I could have made for myself!

Anonka R. Avatar
Anonka R.

Signed up for the 6 week challenge to see how I faired. I discovered a friendly, clean place to not only workout but to get support with meals.

Interesting approach to strength training as it is computer guided and it remembers and learns with you to keep giving you the most beneficial exercises.

I liked it so much I signed up for a membership at the end!

John P. Avatar
John P.

I just finished the 6 week challenge and I couldn’t be happier! The challenge was just what I needed to jump start my nutrition and fitness goals. I have been struggling to find a gym where I felt comfortable and also had guidance to get the results I was looking for and Koko is just that. Their staff is amazingly attentive and I’ve never received results like this before and I can’t wait to continue my journey with Koko fit club.

Chelsea L. Avatar
Chelsea L.

So glad I took the six week “challenge”. It offered the perfect balance of nutrition, strength training and cardio. So many improvements in a short amount of time. Thank you for the support of the coaches, you each are amazing!

Nancy C. Avatar
Nancy C.

So the six week challenge has come to an end. The official celebration will be tomorrow when I can recieve the data of the progress made in 6 weeks. This program is smart. It encompasses the whole body: food, movement and emotions. The numbers will show alot. 18 pounds and many inches. But what the numbers won't really show is that I am so much stronger. I've never been athletic or even really coordinated, but I CAN do this.

This gym is exactly what I needed; Coaching, encouragement, skills at my level. Every time I entered I felt as if I was Norm from "Cheers". I appreciate the personal touch and the accountablility.

The important thing for me to recognize is that this is simply chapter one. I've been given some great tools and advice. I look forward to continuing my journey with the Koko family. Many thanks to Karen and Joe. Special gratitude for Kristie Gerstle-Stuart, Shannon Phelps, Niccole and Jake for pushing me and encouraging me.

Prayers for Chapter 2!

Ann H. Avatar
Ann H.

This is the first gym where I've actually felt motivated to work hard and push myself. I've been searching for something that would work for me for several years, and I've finally found it! The staff here is amazing and all know you personally and are willing to help you with anything you need. I recently completed their 6 week challenge and lost the most weight than I expected. Their smart trainer machines make working out extremely easy to figure out if you're new to weight lifting. Their cardio sessions are only 15 minutes long and you feel like you got a great workout after! I've recently joined as a full time member and would definitely recommend this gym!

Kassie J. Avatar
Kassie J.

I signed up for the 6 week fitness challenge 5.5 weeks ago, after 5 weeks I lost 15 pounds and will likely lose 17 to 18 pounds by the end of week 6.

If you are ready to make a change in both your eating and exercise habits I’d recommend you sign up for the challenge. They provide individualized diet plan, cross training classes and weight training instruction as part of the challenge. The weight machines have video screens and USB key fobs that show you the exercise, what weight to lift and a pacing feature that shows you how fast/slow to lift the weight.

The fitness instructors are great, greet you by name and available to answer any questions or provide motivational advice.

John S. Avatar
John S.

amazing workout and diet plan. great coaches and atmosphere...I just love it.

Lucille T. Avatar
Lucille T.

I love Koko Fit. Knowing what your work out is each time you go in is a time saver for me. Being able to see my progress on my own personal webpage keeps me motivated. ...but what really keeps me motivated is Karen and Joe. They take time to get to their members and offer support and motivation. Just could not imagine belong to another fitness center.y

Sandra D. Avatar
Sandra D.

I just completed their most recent fitness challenge and couldn’t be happier. The staff is fantastic and the classes are great. I loved how I didn’t need to plan out my workouts - they did it for me, which is just what this busy woman needs! Knowledgable and friendly staff. High tech equipment that makes working out fun and simple ❤️. Highly recommend.

Jocelyn M. Avatar
Jocelyn M.

When I walked in six weeks ago wasn’t sure if I could achieve my goals .Koko has awesome staff who gives you personal attention and are very caring and very motivating !They helped me achieve my strength and endurance goal along with excellent nutrition plan.If you are serious about your health this is the place !

Shilpa D. Avatar
Shilpa D.

I would recommend this gym to everyone. Especially people who go to the gym and think to themselves now what. The machines and the trainers will help you through everything and you are always greeted by name at the door. I feel amazing in just 6 weeks. Koko you would get a million stars if I could give them!!!! Keep up the great work!!!

Michele L. Avatar
Michele L.

I just finished up the 6 week Koko Challenge and I couldn’t be happier that I took this chance with them. I have never felt better about myself thanks to the staff and atmosphere at Koko. If you are looking for a fun, friendly gym environment, this is the place for you. Everyone talks to you and helps you work towards achieving your goals.

Heather C. Avatar
Heather C.

I joined the 6 week challenge looking for support and some direction. Little did I know I would be welcomed into a gym that treats everyone like family. Everyone has been so helpful and friendly. I could not ask for a better experience.

Davi B. Avatar
Davi B.

I started a fit challenge at Koko 5 weeks ago and feel amazing. The staff are a wonderful group of people to work with and are very helpful and knowledgeable! It’s easy to workout in a place that makes you feel welcomed, I recommend koko to all!!! I give koko 5 stars

Jennifer B. Avatar
Jennifer B.

Just starting week 3 of my 6 week challenge and I am loving it. The staff is exceptional and every time I go there they make you feel like they have known you forever. And I love the fact that they work me hard.

Dee M. Avatar
Dee M.

State of the art equipment, in a clean facility, that is owned and operated by educated and caring professionals. Everyone is treated like family. Personalized for all fitness levels. I couldn't be more pleased with my experience.

Tricia A. Avatar
Tricia A.

Great people. Great place for non-gym folks like me.

Michael P. Avatar
Michael P.

I am on my second week of my summer fitness challenge & I am loving Koko FitClub. The employees are dynamic & motivating, which helps me get through my exercise program. Well done Koko.

Cindee H. Avatar
Cindee H.

I have been with Koko club for a little over a week now and everything they tell you in the beginning of a challenge is true!! They are definitely there for you all the time and coach you on each session , provide feedback, and motivate you! Got new recipes to try and goals to achieve � I especially love how freindly and energetic the entire staff is! I also have limitations that they help me through so I don’t hurt myself or do something wrong. Thank you especially to Coleen and Kristen you girls keep me going!!

Carolyn M. Avatar
Carolyn M.

I was looking for something that would keep me motivated and get me back on track. From the beginning I was welcomed with opened arms. Everyone has been so helpful and wonderful cheerleaders, keeping me going. This was hands down the right decision.

Davi L. Avatar
Davi L.

Carlie D. Avatar
Carlie D.

This gym is a personalized way to achieve your fitness goals. The staff is helpful, fun and pushes you to work your full potential. I started with the 6 week fitness challenge losing a whopping 9.7% body fat. If you follow the program and work hard, you will receive amazing results. I now am fully part of the family as a member. Come in and see what I’m talking about.

Shane O. Avatar
Shane O.

This gym is a personalized way to achieve your fitness goals. The staff is helpful, fun and pushes you to work your full potential. I started with the 6 week fitness challenge losing a whopping 9.7% body fat. If you follow the program and work hard, you will receive amazing results. I now am fully part of the family as a member. Come in and see what I’m talking about.

Shane O. Avatar
Shane O.

My wife and I both came to Koko during the most recent 6-week fitness challenge. We both lost considerable inches and our fitness level and energy were greatly improved. We recently joined as full members. The trainers are caring and interested in your results. They think nothing of helping you out even when you are not with them during a scheduled training session. They just want what's best for you. The gym is very clean and orderly and as a full member we have 24 hour access. It's like having a private gym with expert trainers. It's the best of both worlds. If you have tried to improve your fitness and you have hit a wall this place will help you break down that wall with an expert personal nutrition and fitness plan.

Michael M. Avatar
Michael M.

Koko fitclub was great! It helped me learn to eat right and I lost weight/inches in the 6 weeks I was here!

Holly L. Avatar
Holly L.

I needed to get my butt in gear, so I decided to participate in the 6 Week Challenge at Koko Fit Club. Not knowing what I was truly getting into, I was pleasantly surprised! Koko offers a powerhouse mix of nutrition and fitness: guided cardio, personalized strength training, group classes, and a balanced diet plan. I really like the classes. The classes are HIIT and the point is to keep you moving and working on your whole body throughout the entire class. And the music and people are always really fun too! The equipment is very easy to use and the best part is that you are individually guided through every strength, elliptical, and treadmill session, so you don't have to be a pro. I've never experienced that anywhere before. The trainers are well informed and very motivating. Everyone (the trainers and your fellow club members) wants you to succeed! That being said, the 6 Week challenge, the environment, and the RESULTS were great and I'll continue to come back for more. The biggest benefit is wearing a heart rate monitor and being able to see how hard you're working on the screen in front of everyone. It definitely showed me that I could push myself a lot harder than I thought! If you are on the fence about checking this place out, take the leap. You won't regret it!

Allie O. Avatar
Allie O.

An inspiring, motivating, and supportive atmosphere. So much more than a gym. The workouts coupled with the balanced nutrition plan are awesome. Love all of trainers and the killer workouts they deliver. I can assure you if you become a KokoNut you will not regret it.

Melissa E. Avatar
Melissa E.

KoKo is an inviting and gym. Everyone is welcoming and it feels like a family atmosphere. The classes are challenging and are modified to meet the needs of each participant. The machines use a flash drive to tailor works to your strengths and weaknesses. I can’t say enough about the trainers. They are always ready to help and motivate you to get your best workout! I’ve enjoyed the 6 week challenge and feel great!

Catherine D. Avatar
Catherine D.

KoKo is like the Cheers of gyms. You walk into a family like atmosphere with someone greeting you by name. Workouts are established and catered toward your abilities. It was great coming into the gym and not having to plan out a workout. The staff is helpful, motivating, and knowledgeable. They plan tough but fun workouts that can modified if needed. I really enjoy coming to KoKo! Thanks for a great 6 weeks with visible results!!

Catherine A. Avatar
Catherine A.

I really enjoy going to Koko because of the flash drive workout. I love that I just have to show up and plug in my flash drive into a machine and it gives me my workout to do. I don’t have to think of a workout and it gives me new workout everyday. The classes are very challenging in a good way and the trainers are very knowledgeable and all great

Chad D. Avatar
Chad D.

I enjoy Koko Fit Club because I can walk in and just plug my flash drive in and not have to think about what workout I’m going to do. I plug in the flash drive and there’s my workout on a screen, right there in front of me. The classes that they have are challenging and fun and all of the trainers are very knowledgeable.

Chad D. Avatar
Chad D.

Koko Fit club Rocks!! The trainers there are amazing!!

Linda B. Avatar
Linda B.

Koko Fit is a great place to work out. The gym is spotless and everyone who works there is knowledgeable, outgoing and friendly. It is a fun environment where people of all shapes and sizes actually go to work out.

Jennifer L. Avatar
Jennifer L.

Best fitness center ever!

It's been 6 months since I joined. I've happily lost over 30 pounds and have gained more strength than I've ever had! The Koko coaches are great. They custom tailor exercises based on each client's needs. My only regret is that I didn't join years ago!

Debi K. Avatar
Debi K.

Koko is everything I was looking for in an exercise program AND MORE! I have been a member for 3.5 years. In that time, I have accomplished several personal goals: I no longer need to take cholesterol medicine and my bone density has increased to the level that I no longer have osteoporosis. My metabolism has increased, my weight has dropped and my body is toned once more.

I feel so comfortably “at home” among the wonderfully friendly members. The trainers are FABULOUS!

Thanks so much, Karen & Joe Keegan for all you’ve done to make Koko an EXCEPTIONAL experience!

Koko nut,

Karen Korkuch

Karen K. Avatar
Karen K.

They’re kicking my butt... and it’s working!! Great staff

Rosemarie C. Avatar
Rosemarie C.

They’re kicking my butt... and it’s working!! Great staff

Rosemarie C. Avatar
Rosemarie C.

MÁror R. Avatar
MÁror R.

Koko Fit Club came to me at a time where I felt unhealthy and out of shape. I knew at my age I would not thrive in a conventional gym atmosphere and I was really at a loss at what to do. Then, they and a challenge kept coming across my facebook feed and I thought jump in girlfriend, you have nothing to lose! I had no idea what an amazing fit this would be for me. The challenge was awesome and started me on a road that I have not looked back since. It was everything I wanted, nutrition, accountability, support , encouragement and push all packaged into this beautiful, comfortable gym with a more than amazing staff. And, the second day I came in, they knew my name. That's huge. I was a person to them and not a swipe key or a number. I have come so far and will continue to make great strides there. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. You guys are the best!

Nancy M. Avatar
Nancy M.

Koko is a wonderful atmosphere to work out in..everyone is supportive, from the owners to the trainers and the other clients. I love that it tells me what to do and how to do it so I know I am truly getting an efficient work-out. I would highly recommend checking it out!

Laudine Avatar

This club has a unique concept that keeps you motivated and gets results... FAST. Effective, efficient, customized. Great, consistent support from all the staff members. This is a nutrition and fitness program you will stick with.

Alicia R. Avatar
Alicia R.

KoKo FitClub is family owned and I think that makes a customer service difference. It's got the personal interaction you don't find at big gyms.The facility is super clean and the program is easy to follow. It's tailor made to you and your entire workout is on a flash-drive include the weights recommended for you. Love this gym and highly recommend it for all fitness levels.

Adele K. Avatar
Adele K.

I have been a member for almost 5 years . I have NEVER stayed with a gym longer than a year. The owners, Karen and Joe Keegan, and the staff- Leah, Christine, Kristie, Jake, and Colleen—are GREAT! They truely want you to succeed and accomplish your fitness goals. The members are like family . I love it and highly recommend you give it a visit.

Wendy A. Avatar
Wendy A.

I signed up for the six week program a few weeks before it started. I almost quit a few days before it began thinking I didn’t have the money or time to devote to my health. When I tried to quit Karen reached out to me and and convinced me that quitting wasn’t an option and that I needed to put me first. Halfway through the program, I was doing well, staying with the diet and working out regularly, I got in an accident. I went in to the gym that day, sat down with Karen again thinking I had to quit. Once again she told me I had to take care of me. She convinced me to stick it out and I am so grateful. I finished the program yesterday and am so shocked and happy that I stuck it out. The staff are so welcoming and make working out fun. The classes are a blast.

Emily C. Avatar
Emily C.

When I started the 6-week challenge I was apprehensive about the gym, but the staff at Koko Fit Club immediately made me feel welcome. They truly care about you doing exercises correctly, being healthy, and improving your life. Koko Cherry Hill is about each person as an individual! The staff greet every client by name, offer encouraging feedback, and they make the training and classes fun! The positive energy is shared by members and staff as we are each other’s cheering squad. I am thankful that I took the challenge and became a member because it has and is transforming my life for the better.

Alexandra K. Avatar
Alexandra K.

I needed a kick start. I saw a 6 week challenge at Koko fit club and thought anyone can do something for 6 weeks. As soon as I walked into Koko I was treated with kindness. Everytime I walked in I was greeted by the staff by name, they really care about you. During my challenge I was consistently being closely observed so to make sure I was doing the exercises correctly to avoid injury. The staff is so positive and energetic. Even after working a twelve hour shift I looked forward to going to class. Especially our Tuesday evening class. I am 62 years old I lost 15.6 lbs during my challenge and won the award for most inches lost. But whats more important is what I gained. I am more confident than ever that I can continue to lose weight from what I learned at Koko. Meal planning is part on my Sunday routine so that keeps me on track for the upcoming week. nothing between meals--not even a grape! And the menus they give you are very tasty, especially the pizza. I continue to keep my Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday exercise routine and even try to slip in an additional day or two. I cannot tell you how grateful I am that I took the challenge. Thanks to all the staff for giving me the kick start I needed for my new life.


Anne Paulus

Anne P. Avatar
Anne P.

The staff is enthusiastic and welcoming! They know every client by name, offer encouraging feedback, and they make the workouts fun! I wish there was a KoKo location closer to my house, so it would be convenient to visit on the weekends and during the summer; as well as the one that's close to my school/workplace. I think every gym should adopt the methods that KoKo uses!

Shari M. Avatar
Shari M.

I am on the 6 week challenge. I love how the staff is so positive and help keep you motivated. Everything is made easy from the meal plans and machines. I love how their is always someone available to answer questions. Best gym I have ever been too.

Lisa C. Avatar
Lisa C.