Here at Koko FitClub, your local gym and personal training facility, we make setting goals easy – and we make attaining those goals even easier. Through our unique personal training program, our clients can get the benefits of a perfectly designed workout routine every day. Our workout regimens are designed surrounding your goals, your current physical state, and your previous workouts. We find that it’s easier to attain your goals when they’re laid out in front of you. Let us take on the task of formulating the best path from point A to point B.

How We Set Attainable Goals for You

Setting an attainable goal is often the key to success. Without attainable goals, a goal is simply, well, unattainable. Impossible even. That’s why we break down your big goal (weight loss, muscle toning, endurance performance, etc.) into tiny daily stepping stones. You don’t have to sweat the big picture, simply tackle your daily workout. Leave everything else to us.

When you start as a gym member here at Koko FitClub of Cherry Hill, we start by setting your long term goal. Next, we analyze your current physical state. We take a look at your strength, muscle mass, and body fat. Then, the planning begins. We combine strength, cardio, and nutritional regimens together to give you an unparalleled plan for success. Then, it’s time to train! As you train, we change. Our personal training program adapts to your success, and keeps you on path. That means that you can take it one step at a time at your local personalized fitness gym: Koko Fitclub.

Let us make your goals attainable. Start getting fit and get your goals rolling today!


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