Here is a quick dynamic warm-up that you can try before your next run or workout to get your body prepared for the upcoming bout of exercise. In the video, Julia, a D1 runner, used a foam roller for about 15 minutes prior to the start of the video.  Her goal was to “release” specific areas that were tight in her lower extremity resulting from a previous run.  You have the option of going through these specific movements more than once if needed.  Following the dynamic warm-up, she went for her run and then hit the foam roller once again before calling it a day.  Try 5-6 repetitions of each dynamic movement.

  • Foam Roller (15:00)
  • Jump Rope (2:00)
  • Dynamic Warm-up (5:00) @ 5-6 reps each
  • Run
  • Foam Roller




Source: Micheal Wood


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