Back-to-School = Time for Fitness

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Back to School for them - back to fitness for you

It’s back-to-school season, and busy parents everywhere are running around, preparing to manage new routines, juggling schedules and shuffling the kiddos from one activity to the next. Whether it’s gymnastics, soccer practice, baseball, karate, dance, football — as a parent, you make it a priority to ensure your kids stay active and live healthy, happy, well-balanced and lives.

You do your best to put your kids on a path to a healthy and fit life. But, what about you?

Are you seated in the waiting room, or on the sidelines, while your kids are physically active? What are you doing to improve your health and the quality (and quantity) of your life?

There never seems to be enough time for Mom and Dad to take care of themselves. It’s easy to say, “I’m too busy,” and do another errand rather than hit the gym. But when you make fitness a priority for the entire family, you are setting a healthy example and establishing a lifestyle that kids will have for life.

You don’t need an hour a day to lose weight or get into great shape. While kids are at practice, you can get in a workout for yourself and start making changes to your body and your life.

Taking just 15-30 minutes for a workout is important for managing stress, looking good, and feeling good – for you, as well as your partner. And research suggests that shorter workouts might just be more effective than longer ones.

A study in the European Journal of Applied Physiology found that as little as 15 minutes of strength training was just as effective at boosting participants’ metabolism as longer workouts. Strength training builds muscle, and muscle not only looks great, it also burns calories.

The quality over quantity trend is growing. Trainers and coaches have begun advocating for shorter, less-frequent workout regimens – claiming that they are much more efficient for weight loss and muscle-building. This high-intensity interval training concept (HIIT) can yield better results in just 15 minutes a few times a week than the standard formula of a 30- to 60-minute workout done more frequently.

HIIT is a method of interval training that involves alternating between periods of short, intense physical activity and fixed periods of recovery, or rest, with a goal of optimal efficiency – getting the best results in the a shorter amount of time.

With workouts this short, you can be done with your workout and back to pick up the kids from their karate lessons. Just 2-3 times a week is all you need to build the habit and start to see great results.

You CAN be that fit, strong person you’ve always wanted to be – for yourself and your family. Don’t just do it for you – do it for the kids!


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