Koko FitCoach Becomes Local Hero

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Koko FitCoach Scott Nakoski Saves Life with CPR

Among our 100+ clubs, thousand of members, and hundreds of dedicated FitCoaches nationwide, Koko FitClub prides itself as a business on a mission to change lives.

Recently, Koko FitCoach Scott Nakoski in State College PA took that mission up to a whole new level: to actually saving lives!

When a local man suddenly went into cardiac arrest a few doors down from the Koko FitClub where Mark was working, Mark sprang into action.  His quick thinking combined with his training in CPR and use of Koko’s AED helped stabilize the man until paramedics arrived.

While Scott was happy to say he was simply “in the right place at the right time”, authorities have credited his actions with directly helping to save the man’s life.

All in a day’s work for this Koko FitCoach who is now, thankfully, a local hero as well.

Watch video here.

Source: Stronger Blog


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