What Happens When You Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

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Congratulations, Isagenix Millionaires No. 159!


Business, no matter the model, should be driven by purpose—not profit. Husband-and-wife duo Ross and Danielle discovered this epiphany after struggling with several business models that had failed.

Danielle says, “Our goal was always to be self-employed.” However, the couple struggled to find the true meaning behind the purpose of their business.

It wasn’t until they stepped far beyond their comfort zones and began their Isagenix business in May of 2011 that they had discovered their “Why.”

IMG_4905Taking the First Step

While many entrepreneurs are in search of a “quick-fix cure” for the obesity crisis, Ross and Danielle were living the “cure” every single day. The pair coupled the right exercise with the right Isagenix nutrition and found success.

“We have it addressed on our website,” explains Ross. “Health and wellness is 80 percent nutrition and 20 percent fitness.”

Building a business with Isagenix in order to spread the word about quality nutrition was the first step in fulfilling their purpose.

After four years of hard work and dedication to their Isagenix business, they are now dedicated to their goal to get people moving.

buytimeYou Can’t Buy Time

Ross and Danielle found their purpose in fitness and nutrition, but weren’t able to monetize it until starting a network marketing business with Isagenix.

Ross admits, “Our financial situation was not good, so it was pretty cool to find out that the capital needed to build a nutrition-based network marketing business was so low. It was even cooler to see a profit after the first week.”

When the duo began their Isagenix network marketing business model, they knew when they made the effort that the preplanned Isagenix outline of “YOU+TWO, THEM+2” worked.

As Danielle explains, “A company like Isagenix has so many resources, tools, and so much support to not only help you build and grow your business but also to understand how network marketing works.”

Now at the ages of 26 and 31, Ross and Danielle are married with two kids, self-employed with a successful Isagenix business, and are financially secure. They are Isagenix Millionaires, and they know how to fulfill a greater purpose that positively impacts the world.

“You can buy a lot of things,” explains Ross, “but you can’t buy time. We’re lucky that Isagenix affords us more time to spend with our family.”

Watch their video to learn more about how they’re living life to the fullest, like so many other young entrepreneurs, through the Start Your Life movement.

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