Is There a Healthy Way to Accelerate Fat Loss?

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Everyone who is trying to lose fat has one goal, to lose as much of it as possible without ruining their health and one desire, to do it as fast as possible. Both of then are quite understandable, but not making them mutually exclusive is something that demands preparation, insight into the matter and execution without compromise. Why do we gain weight, which food to eat, how much to eat in order to make fat loss efficient, how to speed up our weight loss and how to motivate ourselves are all legitimate and understandable question and the right answers immensely influence the whole weight loss process. Let us outline this vast subject.

Why do we gain weight?


Quite simply, we eat more calories than we basically need. Furthermore, the food we eat is of questionable quality, especially snacks and drinks we have. Also, the rhythm and volume of our meals shifts in intensity and timing towards the evenings, due to our working hours. In addition, we lack physical activity, making calorie burns slow or even nonexistent, all this accompanied with sleep deprivation and stress, which is a sure path to gaining weight and health deterioration.

What to eat and how to eat only sufficient quantities?

Reducing the calorie intake is the key to weight loss. However, very often individuals find themselves in situations that they are loosing weight at a slow speed rate, or get stuck in a period of time when they do not lose fat at all, despite being meticulous about their diet and fitness regime. You regular fat loss diet should include meals shifted to the beginning of the day, that is making breakfast and lunch your main meals and dinner only occasional. A balanced diet should consist of meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds and healthy oils and be void of sugar, wheat, seed oils, artificial sweeteners, trans fats and highly processed food. When quantities are concerned, a controlled calories intake is a good approach, but do not be its slave, loosing fat does not mean that you should be hungry, quite the opposite, a healthy diet should provide enough good calories to keep you full, not wanting anything else.

How to speed up our weight loss?

Regular physical exercise and sufficient night sleep are great ways to increase the effects of your healthy diet and make your fat loss faster and more consistent. However, there is a way to make it even faster, something that professional body builders use to add final touches to the leanness of their bodies just before competitions. Switching to low carb, high protein diet does wonders to fat loss, the professionals

state. It further helps control calories, increase satiety and thus reduce hunger. However, do not make any drastic cuts, reduce your carbs gradually and only if the results show you need to and do not remove them completely, that would be counter productive. The benefits proteins have on your diet can be additionally improved by adding whey protein isolate. The healthy ingredients, followed by strict production procedure and no junk additives provide a functional bonus to your meals.

How to motivate yourselves?

First of all, set realistic, periodic goals. The worst thing you could do is to expect an overnight success, that simple does not happen. Next, have a routine, but make it an interesting one. Change menus without jeopardizing your diet and mix and try out new exercises. Keep a diary and note all your progress, to have proof of your results and motivate yourself further to reach the next periodic goal. Having a partner by your side throughout the process certainly is helpful, but do not give up if you cannot find one; after all, you are doing it for yourself. Also, reward yourselves for a good achievement. An occasional ice-cream will not make any damage and you will surely feel better. On the other hand, if things start slowing down due to lack of discipline, deprive yourself of that sweet reward for another week.


If all your answers had been adequately answered, there is no reason why your fat loss should not accelerate to a satisfactory speed. Once again, take your time, be disciplined and constantly motivated, thousands made it before, so will you.

Mathews McGarry is passionate about many forms of strength training, and spent years lifting, dragging and flipping all manner of heavy objects. After graduating on the Faculty of Health Sciences, he started writing about his experiences, and sharing advice for better life. Follow him on Twitter.

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