Koko FitClub’s Guide to Apocalypse Survival

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Koko Cardio Zombie Apocalypse Training

Beware: Zombies are lurking everywhere these days. They are faster and more aggressive than ever.

Dear friends, this can only mean one thing: the Zombie Apocalypse is upon us.  Are YOU fit enough to survive?  Here are some tips for ensuring you are.

Know Thy Enemy

There are, of course, all different kinds of zombies.

  • Old-school, Night of the Living Dead-type zombies, hobbling along on a crooked foot, with one arm hanging out of the socket. Any of us could take on these guys with ease.
  • Michael Jackson “Thriller”-type zombies. I’m not too worried about them due to their high propensity for distraction by pop music and line dancing.
  • Today, we have the more contemporary — and more frightening — zombies, like those from 28 Days Later, World War Z and ZombieLand. These guys are fast, and they don’t mess around.

Be Fast, Very Fast

You never know where the Zombies might strike.

You never know where the Zombies might strike.

Since the zombies we’re facing are the latter, fleet-footed type, you need to train for speed. This means conditioning your fast-twitch muscle fibers to do their thing, which is to contract incredibly fast and propel you forward at astonishing speed…remember, we’re running for our lives here.

A consistent, well-designed strength-training program that includes isometrics will give you the strength required for increased speed. Isometrics are what happens when your muscles are engaged without lengthening or contracting – like pausing at the top of your biceps curl, or waiting a few seconds at the bottom of your squat before pressing back up to stand. Isometrics produce great activation of those fast-twitch muscle fibers, and lead to increased strength and improved muscle-contraction speed.

Interval Training is also key for speed, and there is no better sprint workout than Tabata Intervals. The traditional Tabata protocol means a 2:1 work-to-rest format, like 20 seconds of sprinting at top speed followed by 10 seconds of recovery, repeated for 8 rounds. Incredibly efficient, Tabata is fantastic training for quick bursts of explosive speed or power.

Tabata has another great benefit. When running longer distances, many people experience a “dead legs” feeling . (I’m assuming zombies feel this all the time – a huge advantage for us.) Dead legs in the living are caused by a build-up of lactic acid  in our muscles. In Tabata intervals, we are stressing our anaerobic energy system, training our bodies to efficiently move lactate in and out of the muscles. This will allow you to go faster longer, and avoid those dead legs. 

Be Wise

Zombies are neither agile nor intelligent.  If you’re training for overall strength, power and speed with your foundation of interval and weight training, then you know your body will be up to the test. But the real secret weapon we-the-living possess is intelligence. Let’s maximize that.

In a 2009 study, Swedish scientists recognized the link between physical fitness and the ability to learn and to score higher on intelligence tests.  The combination of effective strength and cardiovascular training not only increase our physical, but our mental abilities. That’s our silver bullet in the fight for domination and survival.

Writing the above tips led me to create the Koko Cardio Tabata Apocalypse and Run for Your Life elliptical and treadmill programs, for members who want to protect themselves from impending doom.  These secret weapons are available to all those Koko members who are truly motivated to survive. I’ll guide you through each step of these 15-minute interval programs. See your local Koko FitClub for details.

Be the Best Zombie You Can Be

Check out this great blog post from Koko FitClub member, Frank Murphy, where he shares own Koko Cardio zombie workout experience.  (Thanks, Frank!) http://blog.frankmurphy.com/WordPress/2014/10/be-the-best-you-can-zombie


Be safe out there.

– Paul


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